A Little Geography

DZITA is a sprawling coastal village on the Gulf of Guinea between the Volta River and the Togo border. The village is situated along lagoons and bordered by the ever encroaching sea.
Dzita VillageDzita Village
The Encroaching SeaThe encroaching sea
Crops GrowingCrops growing
The land is just 250 kms. north of the equator and it is hot, flat and sandy making crops and animal husbandry a difficult endeavour. The main occupation used to be ocean fishing but the fishing industry has collapsed due to offshore foreign factory fleets.
Fishing CanoesFishing canoes
The local fisherman use 12-man canoes to set their nets and hand-haul them back to shore with ever-diminishing catches. The local women have few fish to process, smoke, dry or sell at the market.
Going out to fishGoing out to fish
Pulling the fishing nets to shorePulling the fishing nets to shore
The dwindling catchThe dwindling catch
Waiting for the catch
Carrying the ropes
There is a need to raise the living conditions in the area. Many houses have no power, running water or sanitation.

There are no industries or local manufacturers; most livelihoods are balanced on the knife-edge of poverty.

A village houseA village house
Taking notes and designing artworksTaking notes and designing artworks
The village snack barThe village snack bar
Checking out the new library booksChecking out the new library books
Collecting water from the village tapCollecting water from the village tap