Precious Kafui Gabah

PRECIOUS KAFUI – means ‘Praise Him’. Precious Is married to an okra, chilli pepper and tomato farmer. She has 3 children, Confidence 15, and Phillipina (Phili) 3 and the ever-smiling Manuel 9 months!  Living in the nearby village of Atorkor, since childhood Precious has always wanted to be a seamstress. She attended dressmaking at Atorkor Vocational Training Institute, graduating as one of the top students.  She is an excellent, creative and flawless seamstress, and her skills are much in demand in the village. Her quiet, hardworking ethics stand her in good stead. She makes church and Sunday attire with confidence and attention to detail. Her aim is to expand her business to a roadside clothing boutique moving her it out of her home.