The happy TAG team!The happy TAG team!

The Creators

The Creators are a gifted group of women who make joyful, colourful textile art and market items. The work blends their expert sewing skills with their intuitive colour and design skills honed through a lifetime of living under the African sun.

The women range in age from 22 to 39 years old. They are mothers, single parents, church leaders and soccer players. They have one thing in common, their desire to learn new techniques and skills to provide them with a sustainable income. This will allow them to educate their children, obtain medications, care for aging parents, continue their own education, and bring amenities like electricity and running water into their homes, as they are trying to pull themselves out of poverty. Many local livelihoods are balanced on the knife-edge of poverty, these women want to change that.

The proceeds from each sale go directly to the women, no administration charges are deducted.

Donations received support the ongoing Textile Art Ghana programs.

Working on projectsWorking on projects

Younger TAG members!Younger TAG members!

Cutting and creating new workCutting and creating new work
Heating the charcoal to fill the ironsHeating the charcoal to fill the irons
Selection of artworks
Scissor sharpeningScissor sharpening